Investing in Chocoladna

Welcome to the world of Chocoladna, a company and brand that wants to continue to grow and fascinate with immodest worldly ambitions. We want to be extremely distinctive and continue to innovate. We simply want our brand to be the very best in the world of tasty gift items.
At Chocoladna we design and produce everything ourselves in our own special way, making every product and gift unique.

Mark and Nicole Vaneker have been at the foundation of this company for ten years. Their creativity, knowledge and special contrast make everything possible that Chocoladna makes, very personal and typical.
Our range includes five universally accepted product lines:
coffee Tea,
Spreadable marzipan (worldwide patent).

Our focus is on concept sales to:
Top catering with a unique Kisten and coffee concept.
Consumers/fans (via the webshop),
Companies: promotional gifts and gift subscription service.

What makes us scalable is that we meet a universal need: Truly special gifts in amazing designs.

Originality and truly the very best, uncompromising quality is our basis for everything we do: Product, design, service

The company is already successful and ready for further growth. We are open to investors who not only want to contribute financially, but also want to share their knowledge, network and expertise. An important condition for us is that we are not only business partners, but also that we like each other and can have fun while we further develop our special company and brand together.
If you are interested, we will meet you without obligation while enjoying, how could it be otherwise, everything that is delicious Chocolatena.

Tasty greetings, Mark & ​​Nicole

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