Spreadable marzipan, the ultimate 4 flavors of Marcipano!

Step into the Heavenly Taste Revolution of Spreadable Marzipan!

Be enchanted by the one and only Spreadable Marzipan, available in four irresistible flavors:

1. "Classic" : A timeless, silky soft marzipan with 60% almonds that immediately takes you back to the good old days when marzipan was really made from almonds.

2. The Best Pistachio/Almond from Italy" : Taste the refinement of Italy with the rich, nutty flavor of the finest Sicilian pistachios, combined with 55% almond.

3. The Taste of Love with Rose" : Enjoy passion and romance in every bite, with Belgian white chocolate and a touch of natural rose extract (with 10% rose extract!).

4. The Taste of Duration with Truffle , real Vanilla and Gold Leaf powder: Experience pure luxury with Italian white truffles, Madagascar vanilla and a subtle hint of gold leaf.

Chocoladna, a pioneer in innovative products and flavors since 2010, brings you the ultimate taste experience. Powerful, versatile and incredibly delicious, our spreadable marzipan will enchant your taste buds.

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